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Morph Capital

Harnessing dreams. Morphing them into realities.


Born from our desire to guide and help fellow entrepreneurs.

Investing early with a founders-first attitude, we prioritize people and provide assistance through the chaos - weaving together advice, practical help and community to support founders’ journeys.


Many of our investments are based on a 25-year plan. We’re not here for immediate results, we’re here to support and assist through the long run


A diverse range of skills and talents are needed for founders and companies to thrive, and we support reasoning from the first principle in taking direction


We have skin in the game, both financially and emotionally, meaning that we are truly invested, work with our founders and know how the journey feels

Foundational pillars supporting our investments

From intuitive beginnings and an ambition to help, we morphed into who we are today.
The following pillars have always been our truth, and we will continue to invest according to them.

ideas change, people dont

Ideas change, people don’t. We invest in founders who we believe in.

entrepreneurs & risktakers

We are entrepreneur's; we co-create and share risk with founders

blueprint for startups

Creating a blueprint for start-up success will help companies on their journey

Morph Capital has been an invaluable partner since the beginning of Hyphen. Although they operate as a VC, Thorbjørn, Yngvi, and Niels are both current and former founders. They have firsthand experience in building companies and establishing strong foundations from the outset. Thorbjørn is a true visionary, exceptional at taking a step back and understanding the broader implications of our work. He invited us to the Zuzalu event hosted by Vitalik Buterin, providing an opportunity to gain a wider perspective. With Morph Capital’s continuous support throughout our journey, they’ve assisted in refining our vision and guiding our growth. Overall, Morph Capital has been an outstanding partner, and I wholeheartedly recommend them!" Kasper Juul, CEO Hyphen.

Kasper, Founder & CEO

From the founders

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“Morph Capital has been crucial to Risika as an early-stage investor since we started our venture. Over the years, Thorbjørn and Yngvi have provided us with invaluable advice, both strategically and tactically, perfectly balanced with freedom and trust. They have always been quick to delve into the details but also stayed out of our way when needed. They have consistently been honest, direct, and maintained a positive attitude through challenging times. I have already recommended Morph many times to brave and brilliant founders looking for more than just capital in the early days, and I will continue to do so.

Timm Jeppesen, CEO 
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As co-founder of Butter, I can attest to the invaluable role Thorbjørn, Yngvi and the rest of Morph Capital has played in our story. Even before we had a fully-formed idea, they saw the potential in us—believing in the skills and competencies of our team rather than just a business plan. Their trust gave us the freedom and confidence to explore, iterate, and eventually build something truly impactful. Morph Capital’s commitment to us goes far beyond financial investment; they’ve been a sounding board, advisor, and ally from our very first steps.We are truly grateful for the early and ongoing trust Morph Capital has placed in us. It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for ours.

Christopher Holm-Hansen, Co-founder & CPO
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Having basically been born and raised out of Morph Capital, they have proved to be the most invaluable of all our partners in bringing Scaleup Finance to where we are today. Some VCs pride themselves with being previous operators and/or hands-on, but Morph Capital is a living testament to what that should look and feel like in practice. As serial entrepreneurs, Thorbjørn and Nicolai not only knows the “do’s” and “dont’s” of building a great company, shortening the time to market while going after world domination, but have been equally vital in supporting me as a founder when going through the life as a founder. In my view, all founders would be 10x better off with a Morph Capital behind them,

Alexander Wulff, CEO

We got Morph Capital onboard over two and a half years ago. They were former founders, had strong skin in the game in the investment, and they were overall great people. Across the years, Yngvi and Thor have been always up for helping and supported us through the great times and also the challenging ones, which is when it really counts. It has always felt like they were part of the team, and not an investor, and they have shown that they are committed to doing what makes sense. Thor and Yngvi's enthusiasm and long-term perspective, have been invaluable for us, and are characteristics that are irreplaceable. The 3 other co-founders and I are extremely happy to have them onboard, and we would chose them again today.

Pere, Co-founder & CEO

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As we’ve invested in founders and experienced our own journeys or entrepreneurship, we’ve experienced and overcome many difficulties. Our articles cover learnings that are important to us - from why we created a start-up hub in Morph House to how our founder-first approach plays out.  

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